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Book a Private Event

Permanent jewelry is an excellent way to add some charm to your event! The perfect addition to:

  • Wedding Showers and Bachelorette Parties

  • Baby Showers

  • Girls Night

  • Open Houses

  • Company Holiday Parties

  • and more!

How it works

Step 1

Review our terms, rules, and benefits for hosting a private party with us!

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Step 2

Complete our interest form.

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Step 3

Wait for a response from our team, you will also receive a welcome email packet with more information!

Step 1:  Rules and Terms

Rules and terms

Benefits as the Host:

  • One free item of your choice (bracelet, anklet, necklace or ring).

  • 10% off any additional items purchased .

  • Oh She Linked will create a private event for your day, and send our e-invitations to your guest to book time slots with them for what they want! 

Rules and Terms:

  • Minimum 15 guests (see also serving radius below in relation to guest limits) must attend your party that are interested in Permanent Jewelry.

  • Payment methods accepted for private parties: Cash only.

  • A $100 refundable deposit must be paid to Oh She Linked. This deposit is a hold, and will be refunded to the host once the event ends, IF the minimum of 15 guests attend the party. If the minimum of 15 guests do not attend the party, then the deposit is non-refundable and Oh She Linked keeps this deposit. Payment types accepted for the deposit: Cash, Venmo, Paypal, Credit or Debit. Deposit must be made after the interest form has been completed by the host, and the host has been contacted by Oh She Linked and the event details are confirmed, Oh She Linked will email a payment link for the deposit. If you like, the deposit can go toward any purchases you make at the event as well.

  • Serving radius for private parties in Michigan if event is 15-25 guests: Grand Rapids, Cedar Springs, Greenville, Rockford, Sparta.

  • Serving radius for private parties in Michigan if the event is 25+ guests: Within 40 miles of Grand Rapids. 

  • Oh She Linked must be allowed to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time of the party to setup.

  • Oh She Linked will bring all their own supplies, tables and chairs to setup their services.

  • There must be adequate space at your event for Oh She Linked to setup their services.

  • Any minors under the age of 18 that are interested in purchasing any permanent jewelry MUST have a parent or legal guardian present at the event to give consent to Oh She Linked to render services. We do NOT weld on anyone under the age of 13 due to a law in the state of Michigan. 

  • Oh She Linked has the right to leave the party/event at any time if they feel unsafe, abused, uncomfortable, or for any reason whatsoever. In such an instance they also have the right to keep the $100 deposit made by the host.

  • We offer clasps for anyone not interested a permanent piece. 

  • We will resize or reweld any permanent jewelry you have even if it was not originally done through Oh She Linked. This is free.

  • We can add on any charm you have of your own. 

Step Two: Private Party Interest Form

interest form
Choose ALL that apply:

Thank you for your interest in hosting a private party! Our team will review your request and get back to you by email and or phone shortly.

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